Thursday, 27 August 2009

This Public Transport

I don't think I have to describe the Transantiago system. If you don't know what is it about, you can find it on the Net.

One thing is clear: I hate it.

It started to work, I think, about three years ago. Then, THEY said it would be something like "the transportation of the future": faster, cleaner, nicer, more comfortable. They said it would reduce the noise and air pollution. I don't know if it did. Anyway, the previous system (yellow buses) was awful, I think, even when there are people who miss it now. Well, I don't. It was horrific. But Transantiago isn't much better.

In the previous system, depending on the hour and on the route, the minibuses could be completely full or almost empty. In the first case, you couldn't always get in the vehicle, then you could arrive late to your destiny (and, what is the worst, in some cases, people fell out the bus and they got wound or simply died). All this was supposed to change with Transantiago. But actually, it didn't. It didn't then and it didn't yet now. I have to get in a bus (I can hardly do it) full of people almost every morning, all of them sad or angry. It happens even on the large buses ("caterpillars"). It's depressing. What can I say?

Well, the worst mistake with Transantiago, and of this I am sure, is that the organizers, and the goverment, didn't plan it rightly, with time: and they applied it to soon, because they wanted the people to be impressed with it before they left. Then, shit happened. I think they have to improve many things, including the freqcuency of the trips, but the drivers don't use to cooperate. Because most of them ar not interested in a better system, they don't need it. Anyway, I don't know what else those ineffective engineers, performers and shitty companies can do.

I'll say it again: I hate it.