Thursday, 5 November 2009


I don't really get the idea. (See the teacher's blog) Was it about our internal problems? Or maybe about the challenges we're supposed to face soon? OK: nevermind. I'd like something more free to write about, but... well, what can I do. May I write about the weather? Or something related to food?
It's warm out there today. Isn't it? (Yesterday it was so fresh at this very time).

The point is this: I'm not well informed about the actuality of my 'career' (oh no, not that word again! In Spanish it means the same as 'race'. Is anybody getting to the finishing line already?). Call me irresponsible. Maybe I am.

Well ... I'll try.

Let's suppose I know a lot about the actuality of my discipline (but I'm not disciplined! What a paradox!). Then, I can say that the challenges we face regarding technology are the following:

-We don't have a good technological infraestructure.

-We're not really into technology.

-Then, it doesn't really matter (in fact, it does, but there are more pressing subjects to worry about).
(You can read it as a silogism, or as you like it).

And what about our challenges about social matters?
It seems like we're not into social matters, at least not most [of the] time. What a shame! Art ALWAYS concerns about social or political matters, but nowadays apparently it's not. Personally, I have to solve some problems of mine first. I don't know. I don't think I'm going to change anything, unfortunately.

The same goes for E-D-U-C-A-T-I-O-N. Our own education isn't going as it should: it's expensive (considering that IT SHOULD be FREE) and we don't have enough resources; then... How could we help to improve the whole country's education? We better fill our vacuums by ourselves first. Then maybe we could do something better.

I just can't go on right now. I'm feeling Ill. I'm wasted. My brain's not working fine today. Maybe I'm going a little mad. I need a beer and a rest. Yes, because I didn't sleep at night.
And I'm very sorry if I couldn't keep the expectations.
I hope I see you soon. Cheers!
After all I'm just supposed to be an Art theorist. Sure.