Monday, 20 April 2009

A nice holiday

I'll tell you about the city of Valdivia, which I visited twice in my life. Then it was placed in the 10th region of Chile, known as "Región de los Lagos" (Region of Lakes), but nowadays it's placed in a recently created region: the 15th, called "Región de los Ríos" (Region of Rivers), because Valdivia's population wanted to have their own regional district, and the name's because there are many big rivers. Valdivia itself is a city built around the river Calle-Calle, a very beautiful one.

I went there with my father the two times, and the last one (about six years ago) just before a great trip to Chiloe. Then we did many things: first, we spend a lot of time trying to find a place to stay in. Later, we ate in different places, drank Valdivian beer, walked around the river, bought some things, visited some interesting buildings and, of course, talked a lot about almost everything. By example: we talked about the 1960 earthquake, one of the most severe ever registered, and its consecquences to the city: almost every old building has been destroyed. Anyway, Valdivia is one of the most beautiful places I ever visited. The landscape the river brings is wonderful. I recommend you to go there someday.


  1. Hello. I'm agree, Valdivia is a very beautiful city. I drunk too a valdivian beer. The best beer is Valbier, not the Kunstmann. And the river, my friend, the river. I read a Bukowski's book beside the river...

  2. In the place of 'by example' should be a 'for example', etc.

  3. hello nacho!!
    I was just posting to beatriz and telling her to travel to Valdivia!!! I love Valdivia too!! I have so good memories: when i went there a friend of my boyfriend Anibal lended us a little cabane in a little island call Punucapa. It was twenty minutes in "lancha" far of Valdivia, and it was the paradise...

  4. That is a great image! I love Valdivia too so I agree 100%.