Friday, 15 May 2009

Favourite Website?

There are a fistful of websites I can consider as favourites of mine, or something like that. If I have to choose one of them... Mm... it may be another blog, "Il Canto Sospeso" (the name's because of the work by Italian composer Luigi Nono, about the battles between partisans and fascists). I've found it by searching music composed by Igor Stravinsky, one of my favourite classical composers, in google... then it links me to this blog, and, what a surprise: I found the complete Stravinsky Edition (in Sony), a box-set over 15 compact discs, with the works of the composer, conducted by himself, to download for free!. I downloaded it immediatly.
After downloading the complete box-set, I realized that it contained a lot of works of contemporary classical music (which is an important 'item' in my extensive musical taste). All those discs are very hard to find, and most of the links are still able to download, if you're interested.
I visit this blog as soon as I can, and I use to left my PC working, downloading some disc while I do some other things. Well, as I told you before I'm a big music lover, so this blog is a wonderful site for me, specially since I don't have enough money to buy discs.

P. S.
The link is:

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  1. Ignacio, It's great to find this kind of sites, unofficial and free sites.
    Great for you! You are lucky.
    Best regards!