Monday, 15 June 2009

No Future

What would I like to be doing five years from now? Ok, ok, but... Five years from now! Isn't that too much time? In fact, it's enough time to become another guy, or maybe to be dead.
I think -actually- that I will be studying yet. Or maybe beginning a brilliant career as an art historian (just kidding). Well, after all, I think it wouldn't be bad to be a kind of humanist, or a researcher or something like that. Personally, I hope I'm having a good time without working so hard.

I was (also) asked to write about my ideal future. How can I imagine an ideal future, if in a few years from now we'll be in a wicker world? Ok, I hope it isn't becoming that bad, of course, but I can't imagine a beautiful and happy future. But, anyway, I'll try to write something. Of course, thinking it's not about reality.

. . .

My ideal future

In five years from now I'd like to be living in an old house, by my own, with enough money but without a job, so I'd have a lot of free time. The money must come for the rents of a couple of properties. So I'd be able to drink some fine liquors, and beer, and wine, of course. I'd meet some friends and we'd make some little gigs together, with good music and some drink. I'd paint in oils sometimes, and I'd read and listen to music as much as I can.
Isn't that an ideal future?

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